Tips on How to Winterize Your Vehicle

By: melissapiquette

 how to winterize your vehicle 2

The winter months are here, and driving conditions will change with the weather. As you work to winterize your vehicle, Antwerpen Hyundai has some tips to follow so that you are prepared for the cold weather and the tougher driving conditions.

Antifreeze levels

Winter is a time when your car struggles a bit more to stay warm, particularly when it comes to liquids. To ensure maximum performance and safety during the winter season, make sure your antifreeze level is at the recommended level. Different antifreeze products come pre-mixed with recommended percentages, so check the label and make sure you are using the right type for the season ahead.

Trading tires

When people live in colder climates, snow tires may be part of their regular winter ritual. Snow tires are designed for better traction in the colder months, as roads become more difficult to navigate and driving conditions change. Switching from summer to winter tires can be accomplished by some people, but this may be a task to leave to the professionals if you are not skilled at making sure your tires are balanced and properly inflated.

Help with traction

The reality of winter is that you may eventually get stuck in snow or mud. If that happens, getting out can be a challenge, particularly if your car cannot get any traction. Keeping a bag of kitty litter or sand in the truck can help, as sprinkling these substances on the snow can help tires get a bitter grip. In addition, the presence of these bags in the trunk will help with the overall weight of the car, which can also help with general traction.

A general inspection

Before you get too deep into winter, it may be smart to have your vehicle inspected by a professional. Winter can be very tough on an engine, as the cold impacts key systems. For example, you want to make sure that your battery is in good health and that hoses and belts are not on the brink of breaking when the temperatures drop. You don’t necessarily need a tune-up every winter, but if you are due for one, it may be a good time to get it done before it gets too cold. Getting stranded because you didn’t perform certain maintenance is not a desirable outcome.

You want to stay safe as you travel the roads during the winter months. If you need help as you winterize your vehicle, Antwerpen Hyundai will be available to keep your car running smooth. Have a safe and productive winter.

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