Key Ways to Keep Your Transmission Healthy

By: melissapiquette

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In order for your car to operate at peak performance, you need your transmission to remain healthy over the life of the vehicle. When it comes to making sure that your transmission is healthy, Antwerpen Hyundai has some tips to follow as a car owner.

What it does

In simple terms, the transmission functions as the general gears of your car, and it allows the engine to reach the optimum blend of power and torque in order to move the car forward at the proper speed and acceleration. Many cars today have an automatic transmission, which means that this is essentially done behind the scenes. Drivers just have to step on the gas. Cars with manual transmissions require the driver to complete the extra step of shifting the vehicle into a higher gear. The general purpose of an automatic transmission is to balance driver controls with engine output in a way that maximizes productivity while maintaining fuel economy.

Checking the fluids

One of the most basic ways to keep your transmission healthy is to check the fluid inside. Like oil, this can be checked by pulling out the dipstick, wiping the fluid off on a lint-free rag, re-inserting the dipstick and then pulling it out again to check the level. Depending on the manufacturer, many transmission fluids are a reddish color but they tend to get darker as contaminants get into the transmission. Darker fluid may signal that it is time to have the fluid flushed out and replaced.

Time for some service

Beyond checking the transmission fluid, there is also wisdom in having the transmission serviced at intervals that are recommended in your owner’s manual. You want to do this before you experience leaks or other obvious performance problems. Sometimes the transmission just needs to be flushed and filled with new fluid. Or, the transmission may require a new filter. If in doubt, check with the dealer.

Regular oil changes and tune-ups

An understated but equally important way to keep your transmission healthy is to get regular oil changes and tune-ups. The tune-up in particular is an important piece of maintenance to complete because when the systems of the car are optimized and the various parts are replaced, the transmission doesn’t have to work as hard. Like any system in life, minimizing wear and tear can help maintain performance and avoid problems in the future.

Over time, everything on your car can start to wear down. You want to keep your transmission healthy, and Antwerpen Hyundai wants to keep you on the road. Don’t neglect this vital engine system.

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