Why You Shouldn’t Drive with a Low Oil Level

By: melissapiquette

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Simply put, oil is the lifeblood of your car and it needs to be maintained. Without oil, your car will literally stop, and it can be a loud, painful affair. When it comes to low oil level, Antwerpen Hyundai wants you to understand that this can be a dangerous problem. Here are a few reasons why you need to maintain your oil level at all costs.

The purpose of oil

Oil serves a couple of different purposes in your vehicle, and those purposes are crucial for engine health. For starters, oil is a lubricant that keeps the parts running smoothly. Without getting too deep into the technical aspects of oil, think about anything that requires some sort of lubricant to run smoothly. Body joints, hinges and other machinery are just a few examples. Now think about when there isn’t enough lubrication. This is not a good situation. A car engine is a complex piece of machinery that needs certain fluids in order to function. The other purpose of oil is that it helps to clean contaminants out of your engine. Without the oil, those contaminants can build up and cause damage to crucial parts.

Different than gas

Too often people think of oil like they think of gas. Obviously when the fuel runs out, the car will stop. However, oil is a little different. A car can run out of gas without doing a particular amount of damage to the car. The vehicle will just come to a halt. Running out of oil can cause major damage to the engine. Due to lack of lubricant, parts can grind and become damaged to the point where they need to be replaced. In a worst-case scenario, the engine can actually become damaged beyond practical repair. No one wants to throw away the engine because they did not pay attention to the oil light.

Oil maintenance

Because of oil’s value to your vehicle, it is recommended that you follow the schedule in your owner’s manual as it pertains to getting the oil changed. This keeps the oil fresh in your vehicle so that it can have maximum effectiveness in protecting your engine parts. Also, it is important to watch for signs of oil leaks. This includes oil spots under the car or obvious leaks in the engine itself. An oil leak should be addressed quickly so that the level does not become dangerously low.

Before you get into a situation where you have a low oil level, let Antwerpen Hyundai take a look at your vehicle and make sure everything is running smoothly. Your car needs oil to run and ultimately to survive.

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